DELF / DALF Online Exam Preparation

This online course focuses on Level B2 DELF exam preparation and the DALF online course focuses on levels C1 and C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Not sure what your level of French is? Take our online test or read about CEFR levels of proficiency and what you should be able to do at each level.

Why Choose French in Normandy?

  • Study at your own pace, when and where you want
  • Learn with the feedback of a quality teacher, from an award-winning, accredited school in France
  • Set realistic objectives that correspond to real daily-life situations
  • Improve your employment prospects
  • Prepare yourself for travelling, living abroad, or immigration
  • Receive a diploma recognised by the French Ministry of Education
  • Meet the prerequisite for studying at a French university
French in Normandy Online Courses
DELF / DALF online Exam Preparation

French in Normandy’s DELF / DALF online course focuses on the B2 level and will help you to achieve the following as outlined by the Common European Framework of Reference.

Support from one of the best schools in France

With French in Normandy you can study a DELF online exam preparation course whenever and wherever you choose. With French in Normandy online you can get where you want to be from where you are!

Online learning platform

You have guaranteed mobility and you can take your language course anywhere you want. A perfect solution to those that don’t like to be ‘tied up’ at one place.

We work closely

Student are working closely with the teachers and can make the most progress in a comfortable and private environment.

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DELF / DALF Online Exam Preparation

A DELF / DALF diploma is particularly if you are applying for a French job or a French university programme. A B2 diploma is a minimum requirement for most post-secondary schools. B1 and B2 are also the levels that French workplaces normally require.
DELF / DALF online Exam Preparation

At the B2 level, you should be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental idea of a complex text, or technical piece related to his field.
  • Can communicate with a degree of fluency and spontaneity without too much strain for either the learner or the native speaker.
  • Can undoubtedly produce detailed text on a wide range of subjects
  • Can explain his point of view on a current issue by giving advantages and disadvantages


Delf and Dalf Online:
DELF / DALF SOLO (10 hours per week)
1 week: 150 €, 4 weeks: 450 €
DELF / DALF COMBI (GROUP / ONE TO ONE, 15 hours per week)
1 week: 1550 €

Registration & material fees: 120€


Each Monday morning teacher welcomes the new students, takes them to a classroom for an oral test with a teacher, organises the different classes according to the levels and the timetable for each teacher. She will then follow up, during the week, the progress of each class in order to make each student comfortable with his/her course.


To join our online classrooms, students will need a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device with a stable internet connection.
Students’ device of choice will also need to have a webcam & microphone to interact with classes.

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