CEC Virtual General English classes

Focus on effective communication and include comprehensive work on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation

Why Choose CEC Virtual?

  • Be part of the award-winning CEC learning experience.
  • Learn from experienced & highly qualified teachers.
  • Share the experience with students from around the world.
  • Enjoy a free online activity programme.
  • Access to CEC’s comprehensive new learning platforms.
  • Regular feedback & guidance from CEC teachers.
  • End of course certificate.
Online IELTS Preparation Course
CEC Virtual General English classes
As well as improving students listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. All groups classes are taught by an experienced CEC teacher with other classmates to enjoy the learning experience with. Special emphasis is given to effective & accurate communication, with error identification & correction playing an active part of each class. CEC teachers are ever present during class time to offer guidance, support and a friendly face.

Each CEC Virtual Class includes access to our E-Learning platform for guided self-study giving students 24/7 learning, to improve upon the language and skills learnt during class time.

Course at glance

  • 20 lessons live classes
  • 5 lessons  guided self-learning
  • Each lesson = 60 min
  • Online Activity Programme
  • Access to the CEC Virtual Platform 24/7
  • All classes are taught by an experienced CEC teacher
  • Maximum 15 students per class

I would like to book the CEC Virtual General English classes

CEC Virtual General English classes

CEC Virtual General English classes
  • Online placement test to ensure you are in the correct level.
  • Advance access to Solo Study to start revising your English before joining classes.
  • Teacher delivered online lessons are supported by guided self-study where students can further practice the language and skills covered in the lessons and study in preparation for their lessons.
  • Regular progress tutorials with your teacher to help you target areas for improvement
  • Speaking skills assessments at your level with guidance for improving
  • Teacher led online lessons to help you expand and improve your English language knowledge and communicative ability.
  • Hours of self-study materials with instant feedback and the ability to repeat exercises and retest yourself.
  • All exercise results saved in your online account allowing you and your teacher to see your progress and successes.


1 week: 200 € / 160 €
2 weeks: 390 € / 312 €
3 weeks: 570 € / 456 €
4 weeks: 740 € / 592 €
Additional week: 150 €


To join our online classrooms, students will need a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device with a stable internet connection.
Students’ device of choice will also need to have a webcam & microphone to interact with classes.

All CEC Virtual online classes are conducted through Zoom software which is free to download.


Monday through Friday (4 hours live classes)
From 9:00 am to 11:00 am
30 minute break
From 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

5 additional hours of structured self-study using CEC’s extensive online platforms.
All self learning is planned and assigned by CEC teachers in line with classes.

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