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digital marketing DMI Pro

Digital Marketing - Pro

This comprehensive digital marketing course teaches key digital marketing skills required for the modern workplace.


Price: £1515
Limited Time Promotion: £1060

DMI Pro Intensive Guided

Digital Marketing - Pro Guided

This comprehensive digital marketing course teaches key digital marketing skills required for the modern workplace. Guided by industry experts, the course includes 10 hours of lectures and seminars.


Price: £1750
Limited Time Promotion: £1495

DMI Pro Intensive London

Digital Marketing - Pro Intensive London

Complete the DMI Pro course in London in just 4 weeks. Benefit from experienced lecturers, a group project, company visits and guest lectures. The fastest way to successfully complete the DMI Pro.


Price: £2195
Limited Time Promotion: £1975

CEC Virtual General English classes

Virtual English course

focus on effective communication and include comprehensive work on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation
CELTA-English Teacher Certification Online

Online CELTA Course

In the 100% Online CELTA, the whole course is done online via face-to-face videoconferencing – input, lesson preparation, teaching practice, lesson feedback, and tutorials.
Online IELTS Preparation Course

Virtual IELTS Preparation Course

CEC Virtual blends the expertise of live CEC lessons delivered by our experienced teachers with the latest language learning platforms
IELTS Online super intensive 1 week

Online Intensive IELTS Preparation Course

The Britannia English Academy Online IELTS preparation classes are a digital replica of the traditional classroom course. Teacher and student have an English lesson, face to face, but through technology devices with Internet access.

Price course: 88 £

Limited Time Promotion: 10% Discount

BEA Online IELTS Preparation Course

Online IELTS Preparation Course

We offer more flexibility over a traditional classroom. You can have an English class no matter your location!

Take your course online with teachers who will work according to your goals and interests. Our teachers are native and certified and will make sure you achieve your goals.

Price from: 17.5 £ / week

Limited Time Promotion: 10% Discount

Estudia Frances en Linea

French Online Course

Just like tens of millions people around the world, you’ve always wanted to learn French. It’s one of the most popular languages out there, spoken on almost all continents and has a rich culture and history.


Sprachcaffe German Online Program

German language programme

100% real experienced teachers, 100% live. No robots, no boring multiple choice.
Upon completion of the language course you will receive the Sprachcaffe certificate.

Price from: 1,930€,
Our Special offer: 5+1:
Book 5 weeks and get 1 week for free!

DELF Online Exam Preparation

DELF / DALF Online Exam Preparation

This online course focuses on Level B2 DELF exam preparation and the DALF online course focuses on levels C1 and C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


Price from: 450€ / 4 weeks


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Aprende un idioma o prepárate para presentar uno de los exámenes de idiomas de reconocimiento internacional
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Universidad Santander

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