French Online Course

Just like tens of millions people around the world, you’ve always wanted to learn French. It’s one of the most popular languages out there, spoken on almost all continents and has a rich culture and history.

Why Choose French in Normandy?

French in Normandy has created French classes online that are easily accessible to everyone and that follow the official curriculum and standards of our in-person French language classes.

With our online French course, students have the chance to master all French language skills, have the flexibility in how many hours per week they want to study and can do it all from the comfort of their own home.

French in Normandy Online Courses
French Online Course

Our General French online course cover all aspects of the French language skill set – speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar activities


Online French courses are affordable and they are well suited to the cash-conscious student.

Online learning platform

You have guaranteed mobility and you can take your language course anywhere you want. A perfect solution to those that don’t like to be ‘tied up’ at one place.

We work closely

Student are working closely with the teachers and can make the most progress in a comfortable and private environment.

I would like to book the French Online Course

French Online Course

French in Normandy started offering online French courses back in 2019 to accommodate student that didn’t have the long availability or the budget to travel to Rouen for their studies.

The quality of preparation course is the same as with in-person courses.

French Online Learning

Before setting out the objectives for the day, the teacher and the students go over the assignments from the previous lesson and correct it if necessary. Every day of online French course the students focus on all four skills:

  • Speaking and oral production
  • Writing both comprehension and free expression
  • Listening and listening comprehension and
  • Reading and reading comprehension


SEMI INTENSIVE (15 hours per week)
1 week: 150 €, 4 weeks: 450 €
INTENSIVE (25 hours per week)
1 week: 235 €, 4 weeks: 699 €
ONE TO ONE (15 hours per week)
1 week: 825 €
COMBI 15 + 5 (GROUP / ONE TO ONE, 20 hours per week)
1 week: 1550 €

Registration & material fees: 120€


  • On Mondays, students will work on their vocabulary and reading skills as part of their French learning online classes. 
  • Tuesdays are reserved for written comprehension and writing skills
  • Wednesdays are for listening skills and to enrich the student’s knowledge about the French life and culture
  • On Thursdays, student will practice their oral comprehension as part of their Online French Courses
  • On Fridays, students will practice their speaking skills


To join our online classrooms, students will need a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device with a stable internet connection.
Students’ device of choice will also need to have a webcam & microphone to interact with classes.

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